Illustrated Book Covers

Role: Illustrator, Visual Designer, Printer
Sketches and illustrations, development on Adobe Illustrator, Typography choices and visual layout

The Penguin Random House company tasked me to re-create three book covers from their wide selection of Classic novels. The designs had to carry the same theme and typeface across all three books.

Having been a fan of the film, I knew before reading the book how grand and theatrical F. Scott Fitzgerald's story would be. My design was inspired by the endless parties that Gatsby would host and the twisted relationship between him and Nancy. My vision was of a house so big that it would be fitting to be called a castle. The story follows a world of very wealthy characters, which is why I chose the colour purple as it has connotations of wealth. I imagined their parties lasting all night along with copious amounts of fireworks, music and bottomless glasses of alcohol.

Told from the perspective of a curious child who is growing up in the south-east of American, To Kill a Mockingbird is a staple of fine literature. There is a particular chapter in the book that is so gripping, I knew instantly I wanted to somehow portrait this as part of my front cover. Two children playing in the street, suddenly it all goes terribly wrong. They find themselves in a part of town that they have been warned to stay away from. The children are terrified, running from a tall looming figure in the window of the house. This design captures a lot of action and mystery. The bright yellow tone contrasts well with the dark silhouettes as it represents a sultry summer's day in the American countryside.

The Day of the Triffids was a thrilling read which was recommended to me by a friend. The story follows the daily struggle to live in a post apocalyptic world with terrifying highly venomous plants that become humanities greatest threat. This book cover captures the characters long journey from the countryside to London. The reader initially has no idea why the characters are heading there, or what these tall, prolific plants are doing or how they relate to the comets in the sky. The green tone of the cover symbolises the great flash of light that horrifically blinds everyone, as well as representing the colour of the Triffids themselves.